Zinnia Thumbelina


The compact cultivar 'Thumbelina' is perfect for pots. Brightly colored, button like blooms adorn this truly dwarf zinnia variety. It flowers all summer long in a wide range of colors.
Originally coming from Mexico, this is a very popular flower, with its wide range of colours and sizes. Many varieties differing in weight, shape, size and colour have been evolved. The leaves are oval and rough textured. There are single, semi-double or double flowers and the colours range from white, cream, yellow, orange over rose, purple scarlet, maroon, to lilac, lavender, magenta, mauve, salmon to violet. Grown as tall (75 - 90 cm), medium (45 - 60 cm) and dwarf (15 - 45 cm) varieties, Zinnias are suitable for beds, borders, and pots. The cut flowers are commonly used in flower arrangements. They are grown by seeds and survive best in light and medium loam soils, rich in organic matter and in a sunny environment. Frequent and heavy watering is required. Generally, there is no damage from insects.


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