Rajanigandha means "The Fragrance of the Night". It is a flower that is both mythical and magical, its nectar said by some to have special powers and its scent magical to all who experience it. Tuberoses are a popular flower in floral arrangements and their scent is used to produce perfumes the world over. Polianthes come from Mexico and the above is probably more familiar as a florist's cut flower. They are however quite easy to grow in a pot. Long-lasting as a cut flower in water (with lots of changes.) Flowering tubers have to be discarded as they will not flower again. A mass of long pale green foliage. The unopened buds are pinkish but the flowers are pure white. Tuberoses thrive in sunny spots and bloom in late summer. They are excellent in the garden or in pots. Their tall stems (2-3 ft.) and rather sparse, grass-like foliage make them ideal for interplanting.


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